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  • What is the Massage Membership Program?
    The Massage Membership Program at Studio Bliss Salon is a way that we provide a convenient way to pay for your monthly massages, that also offers you savings. Choose your membership, setup your secured auto payment via PayPal, book your appointment, and Get Your Massage! All memberships offer a discount on the services you love to recieve. See the individual plans to see the savings! Visit the plans @ Read on to see what other benefits being a member brings you!
  • Is there a commitment?
    Nope. We understand that life happens! We don't want it to be another stress in your life if you need to stop your membership! That's a little conterproductive of recieving massage! We can freeze your membership or you can cancel at anytime, no questions, no hassel!
  • What do I get each month?
    You Get: 1) A massage or reflexology session at membership pricing 2) Member Pricing on any other services during the month(paid in person at checkout) 3) 10% off on Studio Bliss Salon giftcards 4) Member Pricing on any Add-on services Also Inculdes: Roll over options, Sharing options, and Referral Perks
  • What are the Membership Packages?
    We have memberships for any budget and lifestlyle. Choose what session time or price works best for you! 30 Minute Customized Massage Session: $40 60 Minute Customized Massage Session: $60 90 Minute Customized Massage Session: $99 120 Minute Customized Massage Session: $120 60 Minute Reflexology Session: $50
  • What if I can't use my service one month?
    No Worries! You're massages will bank as long as you are a member. Use them when it's convenient for you! If you decide to stop your membership, you'll have 60 days to use your banked services.
  • Can I share my membership sessions?
    Of course! We love when you tell people about the great service you get at Studio Bliss Salon! Even more so when you share the gift of the Studio Bliss Salon experince. All you have to do is contact us and let us know who you want to share your session with and when they are booking their session!
  • Get Bonuses when you refer your friends!
    So, if you're a member, you can get bonuses when you refer your friends to Massage @ Studio Bliss Salon! If your referal also becomes a member, you will recieve a bonus of 30 Minutes added on to a session! The more people you refer, the more relaxation time you earn! Sounds like a pretty...Blissful deal!
  • Where can I get all the details?
    Stop in and see the massage therapist at Studio Bliss Salon for all the details! Or give us a call at (412)655-0527 Or shoot us a message through the website or email us at
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